A Napa Wedding

V. Sattui Winery

What a beautiful crowd was there. The bride was lovely, the groom very handsome, and the children in the wedding were as cute as buttons!


The setting was an old Italian winery with lots of character and history, beautifully sculptured and perfect for this event.


It was personal and quaint, romantic and sincere, and after the knot was tied, dancing and laughter went well into the night. A fantastic affair, and full of happy moments to remember fondly for years to come.

An Alaskan Wedding

Juneau, Alaska

One of my first weddings shot in Alaska. It was April and the weather had started to turn… it clearly was not snowing anymore, but still pretty chilly, with the cold air adding a faint bite to the breeze.

This sweet, accomplished couple came back to their roots in good old Juneau, Alaska. Both outdoor people, their honeymoon was a hike across China!

The wedding was elegant and beautiful with the rustic backdrop of the Chilkat mountains, with the first wild flowers of the season lending their rich vibrant beauty to the scene.

Truly a remarkable wedding filled with awe, charm, warmth and joy. 

A Sonoma Wedding

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

A touch of Texas came in full swing to the Sonoma Valley wine country at a stunningly beautiful location. There was no end to Texas Longhorn hand signals, as well as sweet southern bells! 

A winery noted for being pleasant and family friendly, as well as having glorious french architecture and truly excellent wine.

With photos in the vineyards and an outside dance floor, there was indeed no shortage of romance followed by fun for all. With the sultry warmth of the day lingering into the night, the dance floor was certainly the hotspot.

The day was perfect, and the evening unforgettable, full of wonderful memories and cherished moments.

What a delight and privilege to capture the rhythm and flow of such a special occasion!


A Kauai Wedding

One of the big decisions the bride and groom make for their wedding is the wedding location.
Kauai is perfect in this respect. The tall and somber mountains, vast green hills, and calm, tranquil beaches overlooking the waves as the sun shines overhead.

As the sun went down, the rich hues of color and light danced upon the gleaming waters, creating a breathtaking backdrop for this moment in time.

Combining the Hawaiian culture with their private vows truly made for a memorable and enjoyable experience. It was wonderful to be capturing these beautiful images for those who will hold them in their hearts for years to come.

Wedding Favorites

It's almost hard to believe that 30 years have passed and over a thousand weddings captured with the multitude of excitement and joyful shouts spanning across the ocean, from Kauai to Sonoma and all the way up to Alaska. I am humbled and honored to have had this responsibility. Being a wedding photographer is a perfect symmetry of intuition, anticipation, a blend of emotion and insight that changes its perspective every time due to the amazing uniqueness of  couples and their families. It's certainly both challenging and rewarding, but also beautiful and refreshing. I hope you enjoy but a few from my collective favorites here.


V. Sattui Winery



Juneau, Alaska



Francis Ford Coppola Winery



Francis Ford Coppola Winery





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