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About Kent Chastain

Hi everyone Thank you for coming to my website.

I have loved and continue to be captivated by the world and all its beauty. Things just keep making more and more sense. My peripheral vision keeps maturing and widening and I keep seeing deeper into the busy ever changing fraight train  of life. 

My journey started in the dark room as I discovered , " creating an image". I was able to stop time and space and could then ponder the image and feel a sense of contribution to the world, " as I saw it". In the world of millions, I truly felt that I had seen it uniquely and took the time to capture it for the world . 30 years later I continue to do the same. I have discovered not only capturing the image and stopping time but I have as an artist the ability to make it different than any other. The digital world has given me much more latitude to express myself.

I had the joy of attending Art Center College of Design, then traveling to Europe where I studied for a semester at L'abri Switzerland. It was a great trip as I also met my future wife of now 30 years.

 We lived in Sonoma County Wine country of California where I photographed weddings for well over 18 years. We then moved to Kauai for ten years where people got married 7 days a week whew!!. It was great fun meeting people from all over the world. Then  spent a year in Juneau Alaska where I was able to truly focus on landscape photography. My wife and I are back in Sonoma County and I am now open for business as a wedding photographer and with engagement, high school seniors and any kind of environmental photography. I treasure the chance to be a part of your life for as brief a moments we have and capture all that you are.

Although its great fun and I enjoy doing it so much, I do take it seriously, as time will never stop or  reverse itself, which brings me to my life verse which is, " Time is Fleeting, so Capture the Moment".

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